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Yeah soooo its been a while since I've updated... and since I can't get on myspace... facebook... aim... you know any of my normal sites I figured I might as well update something...

I hate the internet.

So things have been going good, I had my last day of summer classes yesterday (thank god) and things are going great with Amanda :) I get to see her tomorrow wooo! hehe can't wait.

annnnd from what I can tell firefox is slowly turning into the devil... as much as I love that program it just crapped out on me for no apparent reason (thank god for livejournal draft saving)...

But anyway... yeah I'm super bored so... there's honestly no point at all to this... just random rambling.

Today was pretty good... didn't do too much; mowed the lawn, worked, got my hair cut... and now its almost 11 and I don't feel even the littlest bit tired... damnit... Yeah that's definitely all I've got for now. I'm done. Peace.
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